A Letter to My Son

Dad always has something to tell the son, so here we go, son.

When you are shopping to buy a house, don’t rush, remember there is no time pressure, look for a ‘first’ truly dream house.

Don’t compete with the professional financial investors for the unjustified bid up prices but compete with the truly ‘self live-in’ house buyer.

Don’t make decision base on impulsive feelings; like it because it’s the first buy; like it because want to live alone and be the house owner. You will definitely be a house owner, just be smart to own a really practical and truly fitted to your own preference and usability. Or making the decision base upon just wanted to move out as quickly as possible kind of feeling which would cloudy up your thinking in choosing the right house.

Don’t neglect career goal, job status, job stability, work progressive plan, your ambition, things that you want to do, other plans; all of that will somehow affect your financial commitment affordability which includes mortgage payment commitment, your living cost, and possibly other major financial burden commitment. Before making the decision on purchasing your own house, I believe you ought to really think over these issues and your corresponding plan in details, so that you will be in control of the outcome of your plan which is based on the decision you are making on the commitment today.

With the downpayment in the bank, an agent working for your true needs, and your financial status of pre-approved is ready, all of that mean you are all set and ready to buy a house of most fitted to you, it’s by no means you would want to rush buying that house, it also sets you free of all that anxiousness of getting yourself ready to purchase a house so you can care freely choose that truly fitted house and to also continue pursuing other endeavor in life in the mean time. I hope your goal and ambition are not just working on a ‘un-fire-able’ job and buy the house and to make monthly mortgage payment.

Helping you out with the downpayment has no attachment that demands any condition from you to us, both your mom and I just wanted to help you out and wanted you to be happy. When you are happy, we are happy. May be paying the house in full for you will make you happier? Go strong son.